A report from our partner in India

Please read the report which was recently sent to us by our partner in India.

A 19 year old male from a middle class family with type 1 diabetes of  four years duration, never received any insulin as he was scared away by the Aurvedic doctors (they use herbs) and other alternative medicine guru that insulin is harmful and while they can cure him. While he was literally dying in front of their eyes his family was continuously reassured by the Aurvedic doctors that he will get better. They told the family over and over again many stories of horrors of Insulin treatment.   In this small village a regular doctor is outnumbered by 20-1 by alternative medicine specialists who are advocating a cure for type 1 diabetes.


After four years of the above treatment and exhausting all his family’s savings he came to us only, when he lost control of his bladder and bowels and covered with bed sores all over his body.

All we saw, a skeleton with a skin hanging over his body and his eyes popping out. He looked like a dead body except he was breathing. He has every complication in the book.

He has been in the hospital now for a month needing intensive treatment with hyperelementation etc. His vision is impaired, a neurogenic bladder, intractable diarrhea and gastroperesis etc. He is getting better very slowly and has long way to go. I have enrolled him in IDF. I will tell you later how this challenging story ends. I am attaching his picture which was taken one month after treatment.

Our internet support group has been a life saver for the family. Seeing is believing. The family has cried their heart out wishing, they had the correct information four years ago. Once again I am convinced it is all about diabetes education and community awareness.


Overall the treatment of type-1 diabetes in India is lagging behind 20 years both for poor and rich. The difference is the poor die early and rich develop progressive complications. Without educating patients, proper treatment is not possible. Physicians neither have time nor experience to educate the patients. Therefore unless we have diabetes educators with full training, nothing will change.

We have started a diabetes certification program at Vrindaban which has a good nursing school including BSN degree. As you know, I am a CDE and very much familiar with the curriculum of AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators).  At Vrindaban, six months ago we provided material based on IDF curriculum  to seven nurses to study. Then I and my husband gave an intensive course at Vrindaban. At the end of March these nurses will be tested.  The Exam will be tough and will also include practical part of observing them educating a patient.  If they pass they will receive CDE certification.

While the story about the patient above is difficult to hear, this brings to light the desperate need experienced today.  Thank you for your support whether through sending supplies or financial contributions.  Together we are making a difference.