Help IFL-USA provide aid to those in the path of Hurricane Harvey

Among the millions impacted by Hurricane Harvey, are people with diabetes who have been separated from their life-saving supplies of insulin and other necessities.

Our organization, Insulin for Life USA, is a not-for-profit entity whose purpose
is to aid those living with diabetes by supplying life-saving insulin and other disease
management supplies in times of need. Year round, our organization addresses this
problem at an international level and in the United States at times of natural disaster.

We need your help NOW with either donation of diabetes related supplies or by a financial gift.

If you desire to provide diabetes supplies (e.g., insulin, glucometers, strips), please
click here for specific instructions on shipping.

As a not-for-profit, our ability to operate is totally dependent on financial gifts. If you
are able to help in this way, please click here.

We are partnering with major organizations, including the American Diabetes Association, the JDRF, and Project Blue November in that area, to assure that your generosity will benefit the most people in the most urgent way possible.

Thank you for your kindness and consideration of those in need.
Board of Directors
Insulin for Life USA


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