November happenings


On November 20th we sent a 16 pound package to our partner in Vrindaban, India.  This shipment contained a variety of supplies to be used in the ongoing treatment of patients at the Ramakrishna Mission Sevashram (Charitable Hospital).  We are honored to assist the mission of this group to treat those in need.


Following Typhoon Haiyan, Insulin for Life USA began preparing to send aid to those affected by this horrific crises.  We invited the participation of our friends across the United States to join in our aid efforts.  On Tuesday, November 25 we packaged 54 pounds of diabetes supplies which included insulin, meters, test strips, syringes, pen needles, and lancets.  The package has made record speed in arriving in Cebu City in just four days of travel.

This aid is made possible by those who saw the need and responded by supporting our efforts.  Thank you.

If you desire to join the relief efforts please contribute by sending diabetes supplies or financial gifts.  We are continuing to monitor the need in the affected area.